EDAN U50 Ultrasound

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U50 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Whether your imaging study requires unparalleled detail and contrast resolution for high-frequency musculoskeletal imaging or superb penetration to evaluate deep abdominal targets, the suite of transducers optimized for the U50 Prime Edition ultrasound system ensures you can scan more patients, across more applications, with more diagnostic confidence. Characterized by a compact, lightweight design, and user-centric workflow, the U50 Prime Edition meets the need for a highly portable and easy-to-use ultrasound system.

From superb image quality to the streamlined user interface, the U50 Prime Edition ultrasound system is designed to give you more diagnostic information across target applications than similarly priced competitive systems. Advanced 2D and color Doppler imaging technologies you’d expect to find only in premium-priced systems are standard. The portable U50 Prime Edition system delivers the performance of a high-end system at a compact price.


  • Two Transducer connectors, active and exchangeable
  • Multiple peripheral ports including VGA, composite video, and USB
  • Large capacity integrated hard disk for extended data storage
  • 12.1’’ high-resolution LCD display
  • Lithium battery for extensive remote use
  • Conveniently located gel holder
  • Backlit control panel
  • Quick boot-up
  • Power Doppler Imaging
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • Continuous Wave Doppler