GE Versana Premier V2

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Powerful. Versatile. Productive.

A world-class ultrasound machine designed for peace of mind.

Whether you’re practicing Urology in private practice, a clinic, or a hospital department, you can count on the Versana Premier, the premium system from the Versana family of ultrasound systems, to reliably produce high-quality images day after day, patient after patient. This system covers a broad range of clinical exams so you can deliver timely and accurate diagnoses and reports to attending and referring physicians and their patients.



  • Insite Technology – Instantly connect your ultrasound machine with a remote GE Healthcare service expert to resolve issues
  • Whizz Label – Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables automated labeling of right upper quadrant organs (Right Kidney, Gallbladder, and Liver)
  • Voice Comments – Connect a microphone, touch an icon, and record comments that can be played back during a review
  • 3D/4D – 3D image rendering and display provide a fast reconstruction of anatomical sweeps. 4D adds the dimension of movement to a 3D image
  • Whizz Color Flow (Whizz CF) – Quickly enhance or suppress the color flow signal when it is too strong or too weak to enable a clear diagnosis
  • Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning – Simply push a button to continuously and automatically optimize an image even as you move from one structure to another
  • B-Flow and B-Flow Color – Observe and analyze blood flow for possible vessel-wall irregularities, stenosis, and more with Color Doppler and B-Flow™
  • Needle Recognition – Simplify biopsy procedures with technology that clarifies the exact position of the needlepoint
  • Effective Exam Follow-up – Use the Follow-Up Tool to automatically identify the same ultrasound probe, preset, depth, gain, and frequency settings as used in the prior scans. Images appear side by side for easy comparison
  • Battery Powered – Use built-in battery power to move the system from room to room without interrupting your exam
  • Scan Assistant – Create and set standardized protocols for ultrasound sonographers to eliminate guesswork, minimize stress, and maximize exam consistency
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) – Calculate and color code the velocity in tissue
  • 25-Second Reboot Speed – Save time with 25-Second Reboot Speed
  • Whizz Bladder – Use the AutoBladder function within the Whizz feature to combine optimized ultrasound image quality with automated measurements
  • Tricefy Uplink – Upload images and reports to the Tricefy™ Cloud or network storage (EMR, PACS) for consultation with other clinicians or sharing with patients
  • Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound – Enhance visualization of organs and blood vessels within the abdomen and pelvis
  • Whizz Easy Style – Easily shift between Smooth Mode and Sharp Mode to view image features
  • VOCAL – Calculate the volume of complex structures, using 3D/4D datasets