I talked with David in a networking meeting and I could tell he really was knowledgeable about his business and how to get the right equipment to the right people.

Rebecca H.

David is on top of his game. He does what he says he is going to do which is rare these days.

Ellen Z.

I have never worked with such knowledgeable & helpful people such as AIE. I highly recommended them with such sensitive & highly sought after equipment I decided I wanted to work for them. Thank you for such a great opportunity & being a part of such an awesome team!

Brenda S.

Their follow-up has been outstanding today and have been available when I needed them.

Andrew W.


Leslie R.

I definitely recommend AIE for all your medical supplies. David is a fantastic supplier. He follows through with determination to satisfy the customer needs. Call David today!

Jodie D.

Since the start of the COVID-19, there have been unprecedent interruptions in the supply chains that we use regularly. Right now, it is harder than ever to find reliable suppliers. It is always a priority to provide quality service to our internal departments and facilities here at Corizon. By creating an alternative plan to use AIE when products cannot be located through other vendors, is a smart business practice to make sure we locate and find products/equipment which are cost-effective and can be delivered to us within reason. AIE has provided a sense of reliability needed for the purchasing department to continue to run efficiently. AIE works with me to not only provide product solutions I was looking for but also help me navigate through choosing the correct product or alternative to suit each individual situation we come across

JocelynCorizon Health

We are very happy with the service we received from everyone involved at AIE. David Koch was incredible. I was extremely shocked on how quickly I was able to get the new system and how easy it was for me to install. New system is working perfectly and the doctors are very happy with the image quality and how seamless everything is.

Cassie C.Hillside Veterinary Hospital

I would highly recommend using AIE to purchase healthcare equipment. The staff and very knowledgeable and friendly.

Angela A.

Dealing with David is always a Pleasure he goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied, He keeps in touch with new and updated products and keeps you on the cutting edge!

Dianna M.

David has been helpful when we needed help with our radiology equipment. He is able to trouble shoot and recruit assistance from others to get a speedy resolution.

Hillside Veterinary Hospital

I think David from AIE has good understanding of the technical aspect of medical field and will pay attention to minutest details to unique needs of a medical practice and/or organization. He is informative and resourceful. Has been very supportive of my needs and has taken measures diligently to help me find solutions to the equipment required for my practice.I have no hesitation in recommending him and AIE.

Amar G.

David Koch and the team at AIE are wonderful to work with! The hold themselves to the highest level of professionalism and it is a true pleasure to work with this team.

Jeremy L.

AIE has been a great partner to work with! They've built out a strong team of reps who really understand healthcare and have put programs together that always benefit their customers.

Desiree M.