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We at AIE want to recognize all the different measures healthcare professionals take to ensure the safety of their patients. This includes sterilized instruments. But proper sterilization doesn’t happen by chance. It requires intentional protocols that not only include best practices, but proper equipment that works to its fullest capacity.

10 questions to ask about your sterilization process
  1. Is my sterilizer working properly?
  2. How often are we testing the sterilizer’s functionality and integrity in-house?
  3. Are the pouches and CSR wrap of high quality?
  4. Are biological indicators being used within the pouch or pack?
  5. Are instruments being sterilized long enough with the correct cycles for wrapped and unwrapped instruments?
  6. How often has the sterilizer broken down and needed to be repaired?
  7. Does the sterilizer need to be replaced?
  8. What attention is paid to Class B Sterilizers?
  9. What attention is paid to different types of sterilizers for more delicate instruments?
  10. What attention is paid to closed-door drying cycles?

If you don’t feel confident about the sterilization process in your center, feel free to contact AIE at 855-226-8282. Our sterilization experts will answer all your questions and help ensure you are taking the necessary measures to keep up the great work in assuring your patient’s safety.

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