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Cardiovit CS-200

CARDIOVIT CS-200 with a large 19” High-Resolution color flat screen is a diagnostic system that has proven clinical excellence. Upgradable to Spirometry. The CS-200 can be connected to a local area network (LAN) and you can store patient data remotely, for maximum efficiency in your practice or stress lab.


  • Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation (adult, pediatric, and athletes)
  • 12-channel full disclosure Exercise ECG with ST monitoring and rhythm monitoring
  • Resting rhythm recording
  • 12-channel full disclosure of complete stress test
  • QT Dispersion
  • Connection to network systems
  • User definable protocols to control bicycle or treadmill ergometer
  • PDF export, XML, EMR integration
  • 1-year warranty

Additional Options:

  • Vector Cardiography
  • Analysis of Ventricular Late Potentials
  • Pacemaker measurement
  • Ergospirometry