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High-end washers for the decontamination of complex instruments. The timely delivery of sterile goods is crucial for dental clinics and medical practices. Tiva 2 washer-disinfectors provide a flexible turnkey solution for washing, disinfecting, and drying diverse medical instruments for a complete decontamination cycle. The Tiva 2 disinfector is a top performer that minimizes consumption and operational costs while maximizing sustainability. Tiva 2 improves user experience with an advanced control system and an easy-to-use interface, simplifying a staff’s mission and reducing processing time; and uses the highest quality materials providing a safe and efficient process.


  • Touch panel, color graphic display, and real-time monitoring
  • A total of 40 programs: Preset and programmable cycles
  • Air drying pre-filter + HEPA H14 filter
  • Integrated water softener
  • 2 dosing pumps with flow meter for alkaline detergent and neutralizer (additional pump optional for TIVA2-H TD)
  • USB/Printer for data documentation
  • Provides complete & total evacuation of previous water (ETS)

Utility Requirements

Water Connections

  • Coldwater connection for TIVA2 (default)
  • Connection for demineralized water
  • Integrated Water Softener with Salt Box
  • R.O. water system is required
  • Failure to incorporate an RO system with our TIVA unit will void your warranty

Electrical Connections

  • – 208+240V 1 phase 60Hz

Available Model Dimensions

TIVA2-H TD Under Counter Washer

  • (WxDxH) 23.4”x21.3”x32.2”
  • Usable Chamber Volume: 65L

TIVA2 TD Counter Top Washer

  • (WxDxH) 23.4”X21.3”X23.6”
  • Usable Chamber Volume: 65L