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TRIANGO 100 minor procedure light series offers many benefits for both the practitioner and patient. The unusual concave shape allows the physician to position the light directly above the patient. This design minimizes shadowing that may occur from the practitioner’s hands or equipment. TRIANGO 100 also features a specially designed spring arm system for flexible movement in all directions as well as the ability to fold down tight for storage. TRIANGO 100 can also boast optimum light conditions at 100,000 Lux at 1.0 meter, and a precise color rendering of Ra>95 as well as four dimming levels. In addition, special focusable and Endo models are available where specialties are practiced with specific needs.

Specially designed spring arm system offers flexible movement in all directions as well as the ability to fold tight for storage when not in use
Unique LED design helps alleviate shadows and allows light to be positioned directly over the patient
Fully functional keypad easily accessible
Diamond optics offer wide field of illumination
Detachable and sterilizable handle
Optional Endo Mode allows for optimal adjustment for endoscopic procedures

Product Specifications
Four dimming levels (40/60/80/100%) featured on all models
Precise color rendering of Ra>95
Available with 4300 K color temperature or with adjustable color temps: 3700 K / 4300 K /4700 K
Light field 7 inches; optional Fokus feature allows for expanded field of up to an 11-inch diameter
Meets standards EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41