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Acuity FDR+ x-ray system with a standard configuration of floor-mounted tube stand, vertical bucky stand, and bucky table.  This system has advanced safety workflow and positioning features.  It also has an intuitive, 10” user-friendly touchscreen that provides seamless operation of your radiographic system.  It displays graphical tube angulation, SID values, and tube-to-bucky auto-sync.  With such a wide range of features, the Acuity FDR+ is considered our highest performing x-ray system offering an unparalleled price-performance ratio.  



  • 10” Intuitive Touchscreen
    • Preset source to image distance with Auto Sync feature
    • Real-time display of SID and tube angulation
    • Suitable for any clinical application
  • Premium Wall Stand
    • Motorized and counterbalance adjustment controls with electromagnetic locks
    • Convenient hand grips to optimize patient positioning
    • Overhead hand grips to promote proper upright exams

Key Highlights

  • Auto Sync Tracking with Wall & Table Bucky’s
  • Rotational Column
  • 6 Way Elevating Float Top Table
  • Wireless Pedal
  • AEC Optional
  • Emergency Stop