RADIC8 VK Hextio

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Hextio is personal air protection.  Ideal for an individual with the unit situated on a desk, counter, bedside table, in a private vehicle, or on the go.  Hextio is the perfect air decontamination unit for personal use, thanks to its powerful fan and advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology developed for VIRUSKILLER™.Hextio has been proven and tested to:Deactivate viruses and bacteria with unequaled efficiencyEliminate high levels of pollution from indoor airEffectively remove noxious gasses and larger particles such as dust, dander, and other allergens
Hextio’s airflow hood can be directed towards an individual’s breathing space, providing clean, safe air, regardless of their surroundings. With no installation required, Hextio is plug-and-play indoor air safety for people on the move.