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Adding unsurpassed brilliance in the OR
Ideal within the surgical environment, the VistOR Pro offers unsurpassed longevity and flexibility in a package that’s incredibly affordable. The large diameter LED array provides excellent shadow control – even with just a single light head. Pressing the center button on the sterilizable handle allows 5-stage dimming plus ambient light mode (for minimally-invasive procedures) for easy management of brightness within the illumination field.

The VistOR Series offers a selection of three different-sized lights and provides unparalleled optics for ambulatory surgery centers, procedure rooms, trauma rooms, clinics, and physician offices.

Whether you’re performing surgery, procedures, or exams, it’s absolutely critical that the lighting conditions be optimal so you can visualize your work with complete accuracy. Nothing less is acceptable. At Nuvo, our sole focus is making that happen.

Features Of The VistOR PRO LED Exam And Procedure Light:

  • Cross Focus Technology™ provides superior shadow control.
  • On/off and intensity settings are easily controlled from the sterilizable handle.
  • 36 high-efficiency ultracool LEDs provide superior illumination and unmatched shadow control.
  • Precision-balanced and articulated arm to allow the greatest reach and range of positioning with surprising ease.
  • Optional Battery Back-Up is available for portable and ceiling/wall mounts.
  • Complete range of mounting options: Single Ceiling, Dual Ceiling, Wall, and Portable Mounting options. We also offer our versatile ChuttleTrak™ ceiling-mounted lights for procedures that require extended overhead coverage. It comes in Single or Dual Trolley models.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

Product Specifications

  • Color Temperature 4300° K pure white illumination
  • Light Intensity 100,000 lux at 1 meter
  • Intensity Settings 5 (from 50% – 100%)
  • LED Life Efficiency 50,000 hour-rated LED life
  • Radiated Heat Near-zero
  • Controls on Sterile Handle Yes
  • Voltage 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz