ConMed CleanGuard Biopsy Valves

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Why put your patients’ safety and facilities’ reputation at risk reprocessing endoscope valves when you could use CleanGuard™ Disposable Endoscope Valves? Meeting the standards of AORN, AAMI & SGNA, these single-use valves are designed to help you protect patients by reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Features and Benefits:

  • One Less Risk to Worry About – Effective Endoscope reprocessing isn’t easy. In fact, there are over 40 Steps in the leading flexible scope manufacturer’s reprocessing manual for cleaning and disinfecting reusable scope valves – including 7 WARNINGS and 5 CAUTIONS. By switching to single-use valves, you remove several steps from the process and help eliminate potential risks to patients.
  • Meets the Standards of AORN, AAMI & SGNA – CleanGuard™ Disposable Endoscope Valves comply with AORN, AAMI, and SGNA Practice Committee Infection Control Standards for flexible endoscope reprocessing – so you can ensure your facility is following industry best practices.
    What Threats May Be Hiding on Your “Patient-Ready” Reprocessed Valves? – Are your reprocessed valves truly patient-ready? A private study by Nova Group showed that of 64 Air/Water and Suction valves deemed to be “patient ready” 60.2% contained bacteria, yeast, mold, or spores. Likewise, an EndoNurse report found that 8 of 15 (53.3%) biopsy port valves exhibited some form of debris after cleaning.
  • Designed to Save Time – In addition to peace of mind, these valves are also designed to increase efficiency by eliminating the time and effort required to reprocess endoscope valves.