ConMed CleanCage CC8475

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CleanCage™ helps ensure safe handling and tracking of endoscope valves during cleaning, disinfection, and storage.


  • Traceability New reprocessing standards require you to track which scope is used with which patient. CleanCage™ keeps your valves and other detachable parts together with the parent endoscope during reprocessing so you can track where they were used.
  • Meets the Standards of AAMI, ANSI, and SGNA – CleanCage™ meets standards of AAMI, American National Standard ST91; 2015, and SGNA Standards of Infection Prevention in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes.
  • Single-Use for Safety – Unlike mesh bags that get reused, remain wet after reprocessing, and have the potential for contamination, CleanCage™ is a disposable, single-use product to help ensure your patients’ safety and your peace of mind.


  • 100 per box