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DERM 102 – High Frequency Desiccator Monopolar/Bipolar

Most procedures performed by a High-Frequency Desiccator utilize ten watts of power or less. The DERM 102 is an economical, 10-watt high-frequency desiccator, thoughtfully designed to give practitioners the ability to perform in-office, minor skin procedures such as the removal of skin tags, benign lesions, and premalignant lesions. These Bovie units allow practitioners to provide better patient care in the office, at a sensible price, saving the patient time and money, while increasing their practice revenue.


The DERM 102 High-Frequency Desiccator offers ten watts of monopolar power, adjustable in 1/10th watt increments, to desiccate and fulgurate tissue. The power can be adjusted using the 3-Button Power Control Handpiece, A902, (Patent #8,998,899) or using the rotary dial on the unit. The unit features a large, bright, LED display for excellent visibility across the procedure room. If foot control activation is preferred while using the Derm 102, just plug in the A803 Bovie Footswitch (sold separately) and activate. No separate handpiece is required.

For the practitioner who wants to also use bi-polar electrosurgery along with High-Frequency desiccation, the DERM 102 High-Frequency Desiccator provides 10 watts of bipolar power, adjustable in 1/10th watt increments. To utilize this feature the A827V* bipolar cable, a bipolar forceps* and footswitch activation are required. (*Sold Separately)

The DERM 102 is packaged and ready to use. The units come with a total of 18 disposable dermal tips. By the time the practitioners utilize all 18 electrodes, they will have paid for the unit, twice, and generated income for their practice.