G3 Acuity DR, RadmediX’s innovative digital x-ray solution combines advanced ‘information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology.  With its versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality and can be applied in multiple environments for various applications.  G3 Acuity (DR), is the radiology industry’s most innovative flat-panel DR solution. Improves the digital imaging needs of any medical or veterinary radiology clinical demands. 



  • Excellent imaging quality using direct deposited CsI
  • Superior image sharpness with enhanced image processing algorithms
  • Direct retrofit into any existing x-ray system
  • Patient dose reduction with reliable Lossless AED/AWC technology
  • Adaptive Window Control (AWC) for any general x-ray exam
  • Unibody construction for high impact resistance and rigidity
  • Lightweight for effortless handling