The Acuity PDR is an easy to maneuver and truly portable x-ray system designed for mixed practice demands such as home health, remote services as well as an excellent in-clinic solution to bring the x-ray directly to the patient.  The Acuity PDR offers the latest cutting-edge wireless technology with a powerful lithium battery to achieve over 300+ exposures on a single charge.  No more hassling to search for a power outlet to plug into and wondering whether or not it has adequate amperage to support it.  The Acuity PDR is ready when you are.



  • Totally wireless portable x-ray
  • Customized pre-programmed x-ray techniques
  • 40″ laser distance SID indicator and measuring tape.
  • 90° ± rotating LED Laser collimator. 
  • Over 300 exposures on a single charge
  • Built-in tube protection
  • 10-minute rapid charge allows 50 exposures
  • Modular system for easy servicing
  • Soft-touch membrane-type buttons
  • Programmable timed exposure controls
  • Auto diagnosis with 14 fault codes for intelligent error reporting
  • Available with optional mobile cart


The PDR offers a quick-release function from the stand to instantly be used handheld in those tough to access clinical applications.  The Acuity PDR stand incorporates a carefully crafted and watchable storage bin for ultimate panel protection from the elements and ease of transport.