Radmedix has expanded our proven straight arm line with a new advanced x-ray system designed specifically for chiropractic care, the Acuity CDR. The Acuity CDR is a smaller, more compact system that comes with a variety of features such as full software integration, magnetic lock brakes, a 40kw generator, LED collimator, and a removable grid.  This x-ray solution can fit in virtually any x-ray room as well as drastically cut down installation time reducing clinical downtime.  The Acuity CDR software is fully integrated into the x-ray generator and x-ray techniques are seamlessly preselected based on the anatomical region of the exam.  



  • Bucky Enclosure – Features powerful magnetic lock brakes from handle control to raise and lower the system effortlessly.  Fully counterbalanced, ultra-small footprint solution.
  • Tube Head – Features a dual laser rotating LED collimator with precise alignment and a fixed 40in. SID system with optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC).
  • Head To Toes Positioning – The Acuity CDR can seamlessly raise and lower to accommodate all standing exams from skull to lower extremities. This maintains constant tube and bucky alignment, improving workflow