Mammography/Biopsy Chair (MBC) – MBC000ST

The Hausted Mammography/Biopsy Chair is designed with a shortened base for positioning in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The backrest adjusts to a fully upright position of 90° to supine to provide for maneuvering between the X-ray machine and wall for a stable work surface during mammography/biopsy procedures. This chair has dual side controls for height adjustment and Trendelenburg positioning. Emergency Release Lever enables caregivers to immediately respond to hemodynamic instability. Swing down, self-storing side rails with padded armrests keep patients secure during procedure and transport. Dual-density foam sectional pad design with Fluid Resistant 4-way Stretch Urethane Cover enhances comfort and protection.


  • Dual side hydraulic foot pedal controls for height adjustment: 23.50 inches (60 cm) to 31.50 inches (80 cm)
  • Pneumatic assist backrest: 0°- 90°
  • Trendelenburg: 10°
  • Four-wheel brake and steer system operable from a patient’s left and features 5 inch easy rolling casters
  • Easy to clean durable stainless steel base cover
  • Polymer coated steel litter top
  • Fold-down footrest (Height Adjustable)
  • Accessory wells (2 on Each Side)
  • Built-in chart holder and push bar
  • Swing down and tuck-under rails with padded armrests maintain patient security
  • Patient surface: 22 inches (56 cm) x 70.50 inches (179 cm)
  • Weight capacity – evenly distributed: 325 lb (147 kg)
  • 3 inch (8 cm) sectional mattress pad, spruce with 4 way stretch cover

Optional Accessories

  • OxyFlex II with Flexible Support Structure and Adapter, Tuck Plate – HSA007900
  • Disposable OxyFlex II Diffusion Trays (25/case) – HSA008000
  • Paper Roll Holder – H13008001
  • Safety Strap Hook and Loop – H066951
  • Safety Strap Extra-Long Hook and Loop – HAPC012L
  • Standard Safety Strap Hook and Loop – HAPC01200
  • Safety Strap Extra-Wide Hook and Loop – HSA071600
  • Utility Tray – H06124000
  • Side Utility Tray (Stainless Steel) – H080268
  • Surgical Accessory Rail – HSA010000
  • Seated Armboard without Pad – H065990
  • Seated Armboard Assembly w/ Pad- H06599000
  • Chair Foot Extension – H080015
  • IV Pole, 42 inches (107 cm) Fixed Height, Removable – H000E1700
  • Telescoping IV Pole 27 inches (68 cm) – 54 inches (137 cm) – H000018
  • 02 tank holder – HAPC14D00