SureDry Stainless Steel 10 Scope Cabinet with Dri-Scope Aid®

This Stainless Steel 10 Scope Capacity Cabinet features a positive pressure fully redundant fan system with two intake fans and one exhaust fan. This circulates a vortex of HEPA filtered air that flows through the cabinet ensuring maximum drying efficiency. The pre-installed Dri-Scope Aid® endoscope channel dryer additionally provides constant HEPA filtered air delivery through all internal endoscope channels. Dri-Scope Aid® uses simple to attach individual disposable connectors to meet SGNA and AORN endoscope storage cabinet guidelines, and works with all major endoscope brands. Multiple locking options are available, including badge entry, and the cabinet can deliver with fully dimmable optional overhead LED lighting. Made with stainless steel for its rust and corrosion resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and ease of cleaning and sterilization, this endoscope channel dryer cabinet is available in 10-scope, 8-scope, and 5-scope versions.


  • Positive pressure fully redundant fan system
  • Unit features two intake fans and one exhaust fan
  • Fan run time is fully adjustable and activated each time cabinet is closed
  • HEPA filter removes 99.7% of particulates, .03 Microns
  • Holds 10 scopes with secure adjustable mounting system
  • Replaceable HEPA Filter system without removal of scopes
  • Medical grade electrical system
  • Tempered glass double doors
  • Key lock with two keys
  • Multiple other locking options are available, including badge entry
  • Easy to clean removable drip tray
  • Cabinets are delivered fully assembled
  • Harloff’s Industry Best 12 year limited manufacturer’s warranty