ACCU-SCOPE’s new EXI-410 Inverted Microscope delivers outstanding optical performance, convenience, flexibility, and value to researchers, educators, and clinicians. Ideal for the daily rigors of tissue culture applications and more advanced observation methods, the EXI-410 features a newly designed NIS60 infinity-corrected optical path with long working distance Plan Achromat and semi-Apochromatic objectives and an extra-long working distance condenser. The EXI-410 is available in three standard configurations featuring a selection of contrast methods including brightfield, phase contrast, emboss contrast, and fluorescence, suitable to address a wide variety of applications. The EXI-410 Series delivers a new level of optical performance, versatility and is built to withstand the daily rigors of the tissue culture laboratory. The newly developed LED illumination system and Infinity plan objectives deliver brighter, sharper, and crisper images than other inverted microscopes. Choose the EXI-410-FL model and add up to three fluorescence LED modules for observing and imaging the most common fluorophores including DAPI, Hoechst, GFP, FITC, Alexa Fluor 488™, mRFP, TRITC, Cy3™, Alexa Fluor 546™, Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 568™, Alexa Fluor 594™, Cy5™, Alexa Fluor 647™, and many others. The viewing head of the EXI-410 rotates 360° providing a 35mm increase/decrease in viewing height to accommodate a bench and user height requirements. Observe unstained cells in culture using phase contrast or optional emboss contrast (pseudo-3D). The side camera port accepts any of our digital cameras — choose the Excelis HDS (CAT # AU-600-HDS) and optional monitor mount, and you have a heads-up HD display for maximal ergonomic comfort and the ability for colleagues to view the specimen at the same time. The EXI-410 is configurable to accept a variety of optional accessories and contrast methods. The mechanical stage accepts a number of stage inserts to hold various Petri dishes, slides, and multiwell plates. Phase contrast is a popular contrast method for tissue culture and can be added to any EXI-410 by choosing the phase contrast slider and appropriate objectives. Or you can choose the fluorescence LEDs that are most suitable for your application (the EXI-410-FL accepts up to three fluorescence LED modules).


  • EXI – 410 Binocular with Plan Phase Objectives
  • Binocular viewing head, inclined 45°, with attachable side-mounted camera port
  • Binocular viewing head can be rotated to raise/lower eye tubes by 35mm
  • Eyepiece/Camera Port: 100/0 or 0/100
  • WF10x/22mm eyepieces with roll down eyeguards
  • Side facing quintuple nosepiece
  • Infinity Corrected Plan 4x, Plan Phase 10x & 20x objectives. Shown with optional 40x Plan Phase objective
  • Fixed plain stage, 170 x 250mm with glass insert plates – Ø30mm
  • ELWD condenser, N.A. 0.3, Working Distance = 75mm
  • Phase slider with 4x/10x/20x/40x phase annulli
  • Variable LED diascopic illuminator
  • Dust cover, power cord, Universal power supply 100 – 240v
  • NOTE: The EXI-400-PH is not upgradable to fluorescence