The Omni 3 digital microscope delivers superb full HD live, lag-free video for a broad range of quality control, testing, rework assembly, inspection, and documentation tasks. The user interface is custom-designed to deliver intuitive and efficient operation directly on the monitor, without the need for a PC. Specially designed task-specific applications can be added to expand the capabilities of the Omni 3 as needs change and work evolves.


  • Operate the Omni 3 directly from a monitor with a mouse, or use the controls on the front of the unit.
  • The Omni 3 is precalibrated at the factory featuring the patented AshCal™ technology and tracks calibration across all zoom levels.
  • Save files to internal or removable memory, or to a network location, or by email via ethernet.
  • Real-Time Lens Distortion Correction™ ensures a “flat” image with no distortion across the field.
  • New AshTruColour™ brings outstanding and accurate color reproduction in every image.
  • New super-fast Auto-Focus, SpotFocus™, and manual Rocker Focus.
  • User privileges increase efficiency and reduce operational error.
  • Start with the Core, then add apps as you need them: 2D Measurement, Annotation, and Graticules; DXF File Importer; Image Comparator Overlay; Side by Side Image
  • Comparator; Image Stacking; Z Height Measurement; Color Analysis; Object Counting