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It’s no surprise that the national population is increasing and with it, the number of aging Americans. Along with the growing population is the need for minimally invasive and low-risk procedures that do not require post-operative hospital recuperative care. While ambulatory service centers are the answer, the solution comes with a staggering demand.

Not only are patients turning to ASCs for the treatment conveniences, but it’s also a cost savings. The fact that ASC procedures cost 60% less compared to a hospital outpatient option has an impact on the increased need for ASCs nationwide. Patients are looking for more affordable and efficient options for healthcare and ambulatory surgery centers are feeling the demand. Ambulatory surgery centers in the United States are expected to see a 6.9% compound annual growth rate, reaching $33 billion by 2028.

Centers are feeling the stress to meet this demand, not just in the ability to service patients, but in keeping centers supplied, outfitted, and working efficiently. Now more than ever, ASCs need to deliver high-quality, more affordable, and efficient care. To do so, ASCs need solutions for equipment and supply ordering, management, and maintenance. AIE understands the need to support ASCs in this growth in a way that enhances efficiency and patient outcomes.

One way to improve surgery center workflow and level up its efficiency is to review day-to-day processes and procedures. Asking questions such as:

  • Is this the best equipment to use? Is it working properly?
  • What options might be better for supply ordering?
  • How can we take less hands out of the equation for this particular process?
  • Is there an outsourcing option that might alleviate some of the task load?
  • Is this process something that requires our given skill or expertise? Is there someone else who can better manage this process that allows for our skills to be applied in better way?

While reviewing processes, it may also be a good time to assess supply chains. A good supply chain isn’t just about keeping things in stock and on hand, but about informed product choices and support from the supplier. A reputable, quality supplier will understand how to best leverage equipment and supplies so that ASCs can lower costs and reduce time spent on this facet of management.

Center management should have the support of a supplier so that their focus can be better directed to operations, resource management, and talent distribution. This is especially true as ASC clinicians and physicians are likely to see their centers fill up with patients. It’s a juggling act with a lot of different balls in the air for ASCs. The real challenge is to spot which balls can bounce and which balls will break. Not having what you need, when you need it most is a ball that breaks and eventually leaves shattered expectations from patients and fragile ASC teams that feel overwhelmed and under-supported.

AIE offers options to help eliminate the clinical, operational, and financial consequences of the growing demand for ASCs. Our approach to service provides an extra measure of accountability and certainty across the collaboration between our team and ASCs. Our goal is to increase efficiencies while reducing waste all while optimizing ASC performance and productivity.

In addition to supplies, AIE can provide consultations for ASC setups, equipment planning, equipment procurement, and more.